Sunday, 12 July 2020

One million Brits to pay £38k extra a year for care after Covid crunch

More than a million people may be forced to pay almost £40,000 extra a year to be cared for at home, or have to move in with their children, because they would no longer consider living in a care home after Covid-19, new research seen by Telegraph Money shows.
Coronavirus has caused a crisis of confidence in care homes. A fifth of over-60s are rethinking how they will manage in their later years as they have now ruled out living in one, exclusive data from Canada Life, a wealth manager, found.
More than a million people who are over 60 and not already receiving some form of care will now be looking at alternatives such as at-home support. Costs for this depend on the person’s needs, but can be far higher than care home fees....

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Mengandeng Google Cloud, BRI Makin Canggih Berdayakan UMKM

Bank BRI terus melakukan terobosan baru dalam memperkuat peran digitalisasi bagi pelaku Usaha Mikro, Kecil dan Menengah (UMKM) di Indonesia. Salah satunya melalui kerja sama dengan Google Cloud dalam rangka memperluas jangkauan dan kapasitas layanan teknologi digital.
“Ini sebuah langkah maju dari transformasi digital Bank BRI. Kami memiliki kepedulian dan tanggung jawab dalam meningkatkan layanan kepada pelaku UMKM untuk go digital,“ ungkap Direktur Digital dan Teknologi Informasi (TI) Bank BRI Indra Utoyo dalam sesi virtual meeting bersama CEO Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian (01/07)
Terdapat tiga tujuan utama dalam kerja sama ini yakni pertama, mendorong ekonomi kerakyatan melalui pemberdayaan UMKM di Indonesia dengan high tech dan low touch. Dalam poin ini, Bank BRI akan mempertajam merchant assessment melalui pemberdayaan data UMKM yang dimiliki Google yang mencakup seluruh Indonesia.
Kerja sama dengan Google Cloud juga akan meningkatkan kompetensi UMKM melalui pelatihan digital bersama Google Academy (Youtube, dan Google MyBusiness).
Kedua, melalui kerja sama ini Bank BRI berupaya menciptakan micropreneur baru melalui penyaluran KUR Digital. Bank BRI juga akan meningkatkan eksposur dari KUR Digital ke seluruh pelosok dengan pemanfaatan Google Ads dan mempertajam penerapan KUR digital dengan teknologi Cloud dan Artificial Intelligence.
Poin ketiga, kerja sama ini akan menciptakan keunggulan bagi BRI dalam menciptakan Artificial Intelligence based Risk Management milik Bank BRI. Dengan kerja sama ini, Bank BRI akan mempertajam akurasi Artificial Intelligence BANK BRI yaitu “BRIBRAIN” dengan best practice dan kerjasama teknologi yang dimiliki Google.
“Untuk masuk ke micro dan ultramicro, Kami perlu melakukan terobosan dalam penerapan Artificial Intelligence untuk Merchant Assessment, Credit Scoring, Product Recommendation dan Fraud Detection. Kami harus dinamis, cepat, dan akurat,” tegas Indra.
Indra menambahkan sebagai Bank terbesar yang menyalurkan pendanaan bagi pelaku UMKM, kerjasama dengan Google Cloud akan membantu BRI untuk memperluas jangkauan layanan keuangan untuk UMKM, meningkatkan kompetensi UMKM, dan penyaluran produk keuangan sesuai dengan profil dari UMKM.
Kerja sama ini pada akhirnya juga membantu Bank BRI dalam meningkatkan leading financial indicator berupa Loan, Savings, Current Account Saving Account (CASA) dan Fee Based Income (FBI).

Friday, 3 July 2020

Impact of Coronavirus - have Air France discuss thousands of layoffs

Activists from the far-left CGT union protested at Air France headquarters at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport as the talks began.
They’re particularly angry that the French government didn’t require Air France to protect jobs when it won 7 billion euros ($8 billion) in state bailout funds in May. Unions warn that job cuts will ripple across the French economy.
French media reports have said the airline is looking to cut 7,500 jobs, primarily through voluntary departures.
Airlines around the world are forecast to lose $84 billion this year, with revenue halved. Some have filed for bankruptcy or sought bailouts to survive the near-shutdown in their activity, and officials predict the industry will take years to recover.
The 7 billion euros in state aid for Air France is in the form of loans and loan guarantees and part of a broader 15 billion euro rescue plan from the government for the aviation sector.
The Air France meetings come days after European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, based in France, said that it must eliminate 15,000 jobs to safeguard its future.

The impact of mortgage applications increases dramatically - this is the reason

And the housing market? That felt the burn, too.
Forbearances surged. Popular iBuyers like Opendoor and Offerpad halted operations. At one point, mortgage applications decreased nearly 30 percent in just one week.
That was spring, though. It’s now summer — not that far removed from the first COVID-19 case hit — and it seems housing may be on its way back up. In fact, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association, mortgage applications to purchase a home jumped 26 percent in just May alone. For the first week of June, refinance applications were up another 11 percent.

Why are people buying and refinancing homes right now?

Still, mortgage applications are rising despite it all. Buyer demand is up, too. According to real estate brokerage Redfin, overall demand from homebuyers is now up 25 percent over pre-pandemic levels.
What’s causing this jump in activity with all that’s going on? There are a few factors:

1. Low mortgage rates

Rates on 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages hit record lows in May, at one point reaching 3.15 percent. For buyers, those low rates can mean a more affordable mortgage payment or more homebuying power.
Credible can help you to compare rates, loan terms and assess your likely mortgage payment. Visit today to see what a mortgage loan might mean for you.
“Homebuyers can now afford more home than previously budgeted thanks to mortgage rates floating at or near historic lows,” said Bill Banfield, EVP of capital markets at Quicken Loans. “Their housing options are increasing significantly – all while maintaining the monthly payment they can comfortably afford. This sudden surge in buying power offers a great opportunity for Americans searching for a new home after months of being confined during the period of quarantine.”
Low rates are also good for existing homeowners. Just a small dip in rates can mean big savings — both on the monthly payment and in long-term interest costs. In fact, according to the latest Mortgage Monitor report from data firm Black Knight, about 14 million homeowners could shave at least 0.75 percent off their mortgage rate through refinancing.
Keep in mind, getting those low rates requires shopping around. Rates vary widely by lender, so use a tool like Credible to compare your options and get the best deal.

2. Reopenings and lifting of stay-at-home orders

Many parts of the country have started lifting shelter-in-place orders, and businesses and workplaces are beginning to reopen. As this happens, homebuyers who may have been putting off their purchases are getting back into the market. 
Homeowners are starting to feel more comfortable going out, too — including to the various lenders and title companies required to refinance their loans.

3. Demand for more space

After months in lockdown, often with kids, spouses, and extended family members, many Americans are feeling stifled. They’ve been homeschooling, working from home, and confined to small spaces for weeks on end — and it has many yearning for a more spacious property.
Many are looking for houses with home offices, more outdoor amenities, or just extra rooms to allow for more privacy. There’s also been an interest in moving to the suburbs and more rural parts of the country, particularly from those living in urban regions. This is likely a result of social distancing recommendations, as Americans look to create more space between them and their neighbors.

Should you make your move?

With mortgage rates so low, it could be a good time to buy a house, but keep in mind: housing inventory is low right now. That means fewer options and more competition as you hit the market.
To stand out from other buyers, make sure you get preapproved for your mortgage loan before shopping for your home (Credible can help here) and increase your earnest money deposit if you’re up against a bidding war.
You can also write a letter to the seller making a personal appeal for the property or include an escalation clause, which increases your offer — up to a certain point — if you get outbid.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Zuckerberg says Facebook will crack down on hate speech as ad boycott widens

Zuckerberg — who, citing free-speech concerns, has mostly resisted calls for a clampdown on abuse and misinformation — said in a Friday live stream he was “optimistic that we can make progress on public health and racial justice while maintaining our democratic traditions around free expression and voting.”
“I am committed to making sure Facebook remains a place where people can use their voice to discuss important issues,” Zuckerberg said. “But I also stand against hate or anything that incites violence or suppresses voting, and we’re committed to removing that content too.”
“The complexities of the current cultural landscape have placed a renewed responsibility on brands to learn, respond and act to drive a trusted and safe digital ecosystem,” the company wrote in a blog post.
“Continuing to advertise on these platforms at this time would not add value to people and society,” Unilever said.
Unilever’s announcement is the latest in an advertiser boycott that has added major names like North FacePatagoniaVerizon and Ben & Jerry’s. The big brands have thrown support behind civil rights groups that have hammered Facebook for what they say is its failure to do enough about hate speech and misinformation.
Coca-Cola announced on Friday that it was pausing its global ad spending on all social-media platforms for at least 30 days — but specified that it wasn’t joining the official boycott.
Earlier in the week it emerged that Zuckerberg personally joined a meeting with advertisers to listen to their concerns and explain that Facebook is committed to neutrality. Zuckerberg reportedly tried to explain that what might be viewed as offensive by one person might not offend another, according to Business Insider.
Facebook executives have been adamant that they will not be bullied into making changes they do not want to make, the Wall Street Journal reported.
“We do not make policy changes tied to revenue pressure,” Facebook’s vice president of Global Business Group Carolyn Everson said in an email, according to the report. “We set our policies based on principles rather than business interests.”
Unlike Twitter, which has courted controversy for flagging posts from President Trump that it said could incite violence or spread misinformation, Facebook will still allow any offending posts to be shared “in order to condemn it,” Zuckerberg said.
“This is an important part of how we discuss what is acceptable in our society,” he added.
Zuckerberg’s announcement did little to reverse the direction of Facebook’s stock, which tumbled 8.3 percent to $216.08 on Friday. The drop wiped more than $6 billion off of Zuckerberg’s net worth, which now sits at just over $80 billion.
In a Friday statement, a Facebook spokesperson said the company has banned 250 white supremacist organizations from Facebook and Instagram. Using artificial intelligence, Facebook detects nearly 90 percent of hate speech before users report it.
A Twitter spokesperson said that the site is “committed to amplifying voices from underrepresented communities and marginalized groups.”
“We are respectful of our partners’ decisions and will continue to work and communicate closely with them during this time,” they added.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

US sanctions Assad, his wife, others in 1st use of law named for military defector

The Trump administration announced new sanctions against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Wednesday, beginning the implementation of the strongest, most sweeping U.S. sanctions law yet against his regime.

The Caesar Act -- named after a Syrian military war photographer who smuggled out thousands of photos documenting the victims of the Assad government's torture and butchery -- requires sanctions on several top Syrian figures to send a "severe chilling effect on any outside investors who would be contemplating doing business with the Assad regime," a senior administration official said.

The U.S. has led an increased economic pressure to drive the Assad government and its backer Russia to the negotiating table to find a political settlement after over nine years of war. But so far, Assad and Moscow have moved forward with a campaign to conquer the last rebel stronghold and declare a military victory, even as the country's economy has collapsed in recent months.

Many of the Syrian officials and elites targeted Wednesday were already under U.S. sanctions, including Assad himself and businessman Mohammed Hamsho, who has reportedly earned a fortune using his close ties to the regime to win reconstruction contracts.

But prominent among the names of those newly sanctioned is Assad's wife, Asma al-Assad, the British-born first lady of Syria once deemed the "Rose in the Desert" by Vogue magazine. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called her "one of Syria's most notorious war profiteers" in a statement Wednesday.

In total, there were 39 individuals, businesses and divisions of the Syrian military that were blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury Department on Wednesday. Most are connected to real estate developments in the country, which have brought in foreign investment even as they break ground on land stolen from Syrians displaced by fighting or the government.

"We're not going to reward Assad for destroying his country by pitching in with everybody else and building it back up for him," said U.S. special envoy for Syria James Jeffrey.

Syria's Foreign Ministry accused the U.S. of "bypassing all international laws and norms," according to Syrian state media.

The war in Syria, which began as a democratic uprising against Assad's oppressive rule in 2011, spiraled into a bloody civil war after Assad's forces brutally cracked down on dissenters. Soon, jihadist groups and foreign powers took advantage of the chaos, fomenting even greater violence -- with 11 million people now displaced and at least 500,000 killed.

The country will need hundreds of billions of dollars to recover from the widespread destruction, according to World Bank estimates.

Unwilling to directly intervene in the conflict outside the fight against ISIS, the U.S. has withheld that financial assistance to pressure Russia, who has boosted Assad with forces, weapons and funds, to push its ally in Damascus to political negotiations, with Moscow unwilling to foot the reconstruction bill alone.

"Anyone doing business with the Assad regime, no matter where in the world they are, is potentially exposed to travel restrictions and financial sanctions," Pompeo said in his statement.

The sanctions unveiled Wednesday, however, target only three entities outside the country -- a company based in Austria and two telecommunications firms, based in Canada and Lebanon.

"While more designations are in the works for later this summer, this first round certainly won't shake the Syrian government," according to Tobias Schneider, a research fellow at the Global Public Policy institute in Berlin.

The senior administration official told ABC News that there will be more sanctions targets to come and that those blacklisted on Wednesday will help block any foreign investment into the country.

"We think there were quite a few plans that were in the works for outside investment to come in to some of these vehicles and others that have simply fizzled out because outside investors recognized the extreme risk" created by the Caesar Act, the official said.

"I can guarantee you and anyone listening, and the Assad regime, that of course there are going to be more actions like this. Of course there's going to be intense economic and political pressure that will continue and continue and continue until the Assad regime accedes to a political solution of the conflict and ceases its atrocious behavior towards its own people," the official added during a briefing with reporters.

So far, that policy has not stopped Assad and Moscow as they've moved on the last rebel stronghold in Idlib province, resuming in recent weeks aerial bombardment against targets after a truce because of the coronavirus pandemic. With Russian air power and weaponry, Assad seems intent on retaking Idlib, despite support for the rebels by Syria's northern neighbor Turkey, which has at times clashed with pro-regime forces.

But even as he seems poised to win a battlefield victory in Idlib, Assad faces fresh economic woes that have caused new protests in some government-controlled parts of the country and turmoil within Syria's ruling class.

Assad's position "is worse than at any time, including when the opposition military forces were in the suburbs of Damascus and held Aleppo and much of the rest of the country," said Jeffrey.

In particular, there have been some sporadic protests about the economic crisis, as the country's currency collapses, unemployment rates remain painfully high and even government salaries have become worthless, if they come through at all.

Amid those budget shortfalls, the government has also pressured wealthy Syrian business leaders to cover its costs, but Rami Makhlouf, perhaps the country's most infamous financier and a cousin and close friend of Assad's, pushed back publicly by posting on social media about government penalties on him for paying up.

The U.S. must take advantage of that growing desperation that these fractures belie, according to Mick Mulroy, who served as Trump's top Pentagon official for Middle East policy. To do so, he urged continued U.S. funding for stabilization projects like de-mining and restoration of basic services like water and health care in the areas retaken by the Syrian fighters allied with the U.S. -- a mostly Kurdish fighting force known as the Syrian Democratic Forces.

"We need to do everything we can to help the Syrian people and everything we can to end the Syrian regime. They are one in the same," said Mulroy, now an ABC News contributor. "I hope we keep increasing the pressure on Assad, but also fully funding our stabilization efforts. Both are required."

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Can digital currencies like Libra ever replace the dollar

banknote (often known as a bill (in the US), paper money, or simply a note) is a type of negotiable promissory note, made by a bank or other licensed authority, payable to the bearer on demand. Banknotes were originally issued by commercial banks, which were legally required to redeem the notes for legal tender (usually gold or silver coin) when presented to the chief cashier of the originating bank. These commercial banknotes only traded at face value in the market served by the issuing bank.[1] Commercial banknotes have primarily been replaced by national banknotes issued by central banks or monetary authorities.

Label = Digital Money

Tips Tarik Tunai Uang di ATM Bersama BRI

ATM Bersama is one of the interbank networks in Indonesia, connecting the ATM networks of twenty-one banks in Indonesia. It was established 1993 and is based on the model adopted by MegaLink, an interbank network in the Philippines.
ATM Bersama has over 70 members with 17,000 ATMs throughout Indonesia. The network is owned by PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Cara Mudah Transfer dari BRI Lewat ATM BERSAMA

ATM bersama adalah sebuah layanan yang diberikan oleh setiap bank yang sudah masuk kedalam jaringan ATM Bersama yang memungkinkan nasabahnya mengakses kartu ATM-nya untuk bertransaksi di Mesin ATM bank lain. Jaringan ini dikelola oleh PT. Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (ARTAJASA), perusahaan ini merupakan penyedia layanan transaksi elektronis terdepan. Saat ini Bank yang ikut serta dalam jaringan ATM Bersama sekitar 83 anggota bank dan beberapa lembaga yang ikut selain bank. Fasilitas ini tersebar diseluruh lokasi yang strategis di seluruh Indonesia, dan ada sekitar 49.000 terminal ATM dari berbagai bank yang siap memberi kemudahan dan kenyamanan bagi nasabah dalam bertransaksi, sehingga tidak ada kata lagi yang namanya antrian.

Jika anda memiliki ATM BRI dan anda membutuhkan mesin ATM untuk melakukan transfer misalnya ke Bank lain misalnya BCA, dan disekitar lokasi anda sekarang tidak ada ATM BRI namun terdapat ATM yang berlogokan ATM Bersama, anda bisa memakai ATM tersebut untuk melakukan transaksi tanpa harus takut tidak akan bisa. Berikut saya akan beri sedikit penjelasan mengenai cara Transfer BRI melalui ATM Bersama berdasarkan pengalaman saya sendiri :

1.       Pertama anda harus menemukan ATM yang terdapat logo ATM Bersama
2.       Masukkan kedalam dan kartu ATM anda ke Mesin ATM
3.       Masukkan Nomor PIN anda seperti biasa
4.       Pilih [ Transfer ] pada Menu ATM
5.       Pilih [ Transfer ke Bank lain ] atau [ Transfer ke ATM Bersama ]
6.       Masukkan Kode Bank Tujuan dan Nomor Rekening Penerima.

Contoh : saya akan melakukan Transfer ke rekening Bank BRI keluarga saya
Caranya : Kode bank : 002 + No. Rekening BRI : 313301000858506
Sehingga nomor yang dimasukkan adalah: 002313301000858506

7.       Kemudian masukkan jumlah uang yang akan ditransfer (pastikan angkanya benar)
8.       Masukkan no. referensi (bebas : boleh diisi, boleh dikosongkan)
9.       Layar ATM akan menampilkan data transaksi yang akan diproses. Pilih YA jika semua data telah benar.
10.   Mesin ATM akan mengeluarkan STRUK ATM sebagai bukti transaksi.

Inilah kemudahan yang diberikan oleh Bank yang sudah terdaftar di ATM Bersama. Lebih mudah digunakan dimanapun diseluruh Indonesia, lebih mudah, aman, dan nyaman. Demikian Cara Mudah Transfer dari BRI Lewat ATM BERSAMA Semoga Bermanfaat Terima kasih.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Why Sending Money Online is Beneficial For You

 If you are a parent, you are likely to have a kid or two living on their own. As they embark the next stage of their life, you are still there to be their shoulder to lean on, helping them out as they make the transition to living on their own and maybe even helping them out on the financial front. If your child needs some extra spending cash, what is the best way for you to deliver it to them? There are various ways to send money, but since more and more things are becoming digital, traditional mail is slowly losing its value, and sending money online is becoming a trend.
Sending Money Online is Beneficial For You

Nowadays, the best way to send your funds is online- it's the fastest, easiest and most secure way to make sure your funds get to where they need to be. If you are used to the more traditional way of handling your cash, the thought of going digital might make you a little uneasy. That's understandable! But rest assured, making the move from traditional banking to digital money transfers can actually be a smooth and pleasant experience. Here are a few things that can help put your mind at ease when sending money online:

  1. For starters, it is faster than any other method. Sending money through mail can take days, even weeks, depending on where it is going. Whether it is your child or a friend, the sooner your money gets to them, the better. When you send your money online, it gets sent instantly so it's available when the recipient needs it.
  2. Sending money online is the easiest and most convenient way for you to send money. Since it is coming directly from your bank account, there is no need to leave home and wait in a long bank line. Everything is right there at the click of a button.
  3. It's free and secure! Out of all the methods of transferring funds, sending it online saves you both your cash and time. Plus, the online payments industry continues to advance and develop anti-fraud measures, so you can rest assured that both your funds and financial details are safe.
Since there are so many payment platforms, it can be hard to figure out which one is the most convenient and, more importantly, which one is the most secure when sending money online. If you are planning on starting to send money online, it is important to look at all of the options and find the most secure and easy way for you. Browse through the various payment platforms that are available and choose the one that will suit all your needs and ease your worries.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Syarat dan Cara Membuka Rekening BCA

Kini sudah banyak orang yang ingin membuka rekening demi kemudahan dalam bertransaksi baik itu pengiriman uang, menyimpan uang, hingga untuk membuka usaha. Namun masih banyak juga orang yang belum tahu bagaimana cara membuka rekening disebuah bank, salah satu Bank yang sering menjadi minat masyarakat ialah BCA. Banyak orang yang belum tahu cara membuka rekening BCA, karena itu kali ini saya akan memberi tahu cara membuka rekening BCA beserta syarat yang diperlukan. Yuk, langsung simak info berikut ini :


1.       Syarat membuat rekening BCA

a.       Anda harus mengisi dan menandatangani formulir permohonan pembukaan rekening anda. Untuk mempercepat proses pendaftaran Anda disarankan mengisi kolom formulir yang diketahui secara umum seperti identitas diri. Untuk kolom yang tidak anda mengerti, bisa ditanyakan langsung ke customer service.
b.      Anda wajib membawa identitas diri seperti (KTP/SIM/Paspor) serta NPWP (jika dibutuhkan). Semua itu harus dibawa asli dan foto kopinya 2 lembar.
c.       Anda harus membawa dan menyerahkan uang minimum sebesar Rp 500.000,- sebagai setoran awal ditabungan anda.
d.      Materai sebesar Rp 6.000,- sebagai penyempurna dan sebagai tanda bukti sah bahwa anda menerima segala syarat dan ketentuan yang tentunya diberikan oleh customer service dan sudah anda baca dengan teliti dan benar.

2.       Prosedur atau cara pendaftaran

a.       Cari dan datang langsung ke kantor cabang BCA terdekat dikota anda dengan membawa dokumen serta syarat-syarat yang sudah saya jelaskan di atas lalu ambil ambil nomor antrian di bagian customer service.
b.      Setelah mendapatkan giliran untuk dipanggil, pilihlah jenis rekening BCA yang ingin anda buka.
c.       Isi formulir dan tanda tangani buku tabungan serta kartu ATM
d.      Langkah terakhir adalah menyetor untuk setoran awal sebesar Rp 500.000,-
e.      Anda akan diminta memasukan PIN atau password kartu ATM anda sebanyak 6 digit dan semua PINnya haruslah nomor dan mudah di ingat.

3.       Tipe tahapan BCA & biaya administrasi bulanan
Keterangan Rupiah

- Setoran Tabungan Minimum Selanjutnya 50.000

- Saldo Minimum Ditahan 10.000

- Biaya Penggantian Buku Karena Rusak 5.000

- Biaya Cetak Mutasi GTU (per GTU) 5.000

- Biaya Penutupan Rekening 5.000
Biaya Administrasi dengan Fasilitas Kartu Paspor BCA:

a Silver:

-Biaya Administrasi per Bulan 13.000

-Biaya Pembuatan/Penggantian Kartu 10.000

b Gold:

-Biaya Administrasi per Bulan 13.000

-Biaya Pembuatan/Penggantian Kartu 15.000

c Platinum:

-Biaya Administrasi per Bulan 20.000

-Biaya Pembuatan/Penggantian Kartu 20.000

Demikian syarat dan cara membuka rekening BCA, bagaimana cukup mudah bukan. Yuk, segera buka tabungan BCA Anda untuk dapatkan berbagai keuntungan serta kemudahan dalam melakukan transaksi dari produk dan layanan BCA. Sekian informasi dari saya semoga bermanfaat bagi anda semua terima kasih.
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